Hey there, I'm Joby!

For the past 20 years I've worked as a designer & artist in the film, television, music, print and theme park industries.

Now I work for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Visual Strategist (which is a fancy-pants title for "Designer")  in a Studio called... well... The Studio 

All in all, creatively, I tend to operate more like a kitchen than a drive-thru. But if you need something quick I have an amazing microwave.  I've realized recently that I enjoy creating artwork that simply acts as a trigger for peoples imaginations, allowing them to do the rest of the creating themselves (which ultimately tells the best story). Alot of people sell my work (the beauty of doing art and design for a govt entity where most everything falls into Public Domain) so if you see someone selling a print or item with my art on it, encourage them to send me a Blue Bottle Coffee gift card as thanks for helping pay their rent.  Outside of the interwebs- my work has traveled to the Super Bowl, Comicon, SXSW, the TED Conference & to good old fashioned outer space. 

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Jet Propulsion Laboratory | NASA

2012 – Present (5 years) Pasadena, California

I currently work within an on-lab design studio specializing in supporting scientists and engineers at JPL & NASA with visual strategy. Through this process we help them "think through their thinking" finding creative solutions for how to better communicate their missions and projects to each other and the public.

BLT & Associates

April 2011 – April 2011 (1 month) Hollywood, CA


2 Week freelance job working on poster comps for films "Cowboys and Aliens" and "X-men: First Class."



January 2006 – January 2011 (5 years 1 month) Los Angeles, CA


• Developed visual identity for Mosaic
• Created original design and layout for magazines, brochures, videos, slides and fliers for weekly gatherings,  Film Festivals, Fashion Shows and original stage productions. Also created original magazines and books documenting the relief and humanitarian aid that Mosaic provides around the world (Haiti, Sudan, Thailand, Burma and Mexico).



January 2000 – January 2003 (3 years 1 month) Burbank, CA

Created props, costumes and concept designs for film and television. Clients include directors J.J. Abrams, Joss Whedon, Steven Soderbergh and Acadey Award winning costume designer Milena Canonero.


Solaris; Pirates of the Caribbean ; Bruce Almighty ; Cat in the Hat ; Bad Boys 2 ; XXX ; Scorpion King ; Constantine


Star Trek Enterprise ; Buffy The Vampire Slayer ; Alias ; C.S.I. ; Malcolm in the Middle ; Angel ; Firefly


Walt Disney Imagineering

January 1997 – January 2000 (3 years 1 month) Glendale, CA

Model maker, sculptor and Rockwork Engineer for Tokyo Disney Sea in Tokyo, Japan. 

Produced scale models of rides and attractions in parks Mediterranean Harbor; sculpted full scale props and set pieces for the park at Tujunga location; worked for 1 year in the Rockwork department on the parks central piece, a 21 story tall volcano



January 1995 – June 1995 (6 months) Pittsburgh, PA

• Paid internship involving the design and production of trade show exhibits for large corporations.
• Built models and illustrated layouts of exhibit options for clients.